Ovid and Icarus S Flight

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Ovid Metamorphoses and “Icarus’s flight” both discuss the story of Daedalus and Icarus, along with their escape from the labyrinth on the Island Crete. Although the poems tell the same story, they show differences in Icarus’s motives and consequences for his flight. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses it tells the story of a child who disobeyed his father, while “Icarus’s Flight” tells a different story of a daring boy yearning for adventure. In Oscar Wilde’s rendition of Icarus’s flight he displayed a certain respect for Icarus’s decision to disobey his father’s instruction to stay between the water and the sun, instead Icarus decided to venture higher, closer to the sun. Unfortunately the wax on the handmade wings Icarus had attached to his back had melted off resulting in Icarus falling to his tragic death. “Never regret thy fall, O Icarus of the fearless flight for the greatest tragedy of them all is never to feel the burning light.” Icarus was indeed a courageous young man, but curiosity often results in unwanted answers. On the other hand in Ovid’s Metamorphoses it tells the story of a child who knowingly disobeyed his father’s instructions to stay away from the sun. Sadly the unlucky father knew nothing of his son’s death until he turned around midflight and noticed the pair of handmade wings belonging to his missing son. "Where are you, Icarus?" and "Where are you in what place shall I seek you, Icarus?" He called again; and then he saw the wings of his dear Icarus, floating on the waves; and he began to rail and curses his art. He found the body on an island shore,” The author of this poem shows a sense of regret when it comes to Daedalus losing his son. In both poems, Ovid Metamorphoses and “Icarus’s flight” the main idea is the same the view points of the authors however are different Oscar wild shows respect for Icarus while Ovid scorns Icarus for his disobedience to his father. No matter what decision Icarus made there was going to be a consequence whether it...
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