Overview of Three Adventures-Galapagos-Titicaca-the Blue Holes. Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Topics: Iguanidae, Galápagos Islands, Scuba diving Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: April 2, 2008
Three Adventures-Galapagos-Titicaca-The Blue Holes. Jacques-Yves Cousteau

1) The book is essentially an over the shoulder, first person view of the journey through the marine world. As a team of scientists, adventurers and divers aboard the vessel Calypso, take us on a tour of the ocean’s most unusual underwater phenomena with delightful people as well as vivid images, either through pictures or explanation, that show us their views and findings.

2) The driving question behind this test of marine iguanas was to what depth they can dive, or more importantly, what makes it possible, and how long can they remain underwater. At first, each time an iguana was forced to dive it simply slowed its physical activity the deeper it went. The scientists, thinking they had accidentally killed the specimen, immediately brought it back to the surface. There, the iguana immediately spouted water from it’s nose and mouth, and acted like nothing ever had occurred. It has been learned, that the marine iguana empties its lungs when diving, to help with sinking to the bottom. Instead of retaining fresh oxygen to sustain itself as humans do, they obtain oxygen from their own bodily tissues. Once the iguana returns to the surface, they then replace the oxygen depleted tissue in it’s’ body. When Charles Darwin came to the same islands, a sailor aboard his ship the Beagle, held an iguana underwater to see how long it could survive without breathing. An hour lapsed, and the sailor became fed up and released the still-living iguana!

3) It was the scientist aboard the ship Calypso, which wanted to understand how the marine iguana could dive so deep and so well. So, they understood how the iguana “breathed” (or rather-didn’t) underwater, now they needed a little bit more insight as to what made it possible for the iguana’s to actually slow themselves down enough to the point that they could outlast divers underwater. The scientists performed an...
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