Overview of Sl Lang Lit

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Overview of Assessments
SL Language and Literature

SL Assessment Outline
Assessment Component| Weighting|
External assessment (3 hours) Paper 1: Textual analysis (1 hour 30 minutes) * The paper consists of two unseen texts. * Students write an analysis of one of these texts. * 20 marksPaper 2: Essay (1 hour 30 minutes) * In response to one of six questions students write an essay based on both the literary texts studied in part 3. The questions are the same at HL but the assessment criteria are different. * 25 marksWritten task * Students produce at least three written tasks based on material studied in the course. * Students submit one written task for external assessment. (20 marks) * This task must be 800–1,000 words in length plus a rationale of 200–300 words.| 70%25%25%20%| Internal assessment * This component is internally assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by the IB at the end of the course.Individual oral commentary * Students comment on an extract from a literary text studied in part 4 of the course. * Students are given two guiding questions. * 30 marksFurther oral activity * Students complete at least two further oral activities, one based on part 1 and one based on part 2 of the course. * The mark of one further oral activity is submitted for final assessment. * 30 marks| 30%15%15%| (Language and Literature Guide 25)

TCIS Marking Criteria
Knowledge and Understanding| 25%|
Stylistic Features| 25%|
Organization| 25%|
Language| 25%|

Paper 1
Exam Time: 1.5 Hours
Percentage: 25%

Exam Details:
* The exam will contain two passages from non-literary (i.e. feature news article, advertising image, etc.) texts for analysis. There is no way to predict what the texts might be, and it is highly unlikely you will have seen them before. * The passages provided might be a complete piece of writing or visual text or an extract from a longer piece. The passages are not necessarily related to any specific parts of the syllabus. A variety of non-literary texts could be included, for example: * Advertisement

* Opinion column
* Extract from an essay
* Electronic text (i.e. social networking sites or blogs) * Brochure (i.e. public information leaflet)
* Extract from a memoir, diary or other autobiographical text * Cartoon
* You will write an analytical commentary on 1 of the texts (your choice). * You must discuss the significance of possible contexts (producer and receiver), audience, purpose, and the use of linguistic and literary devices. You must also analyze structure, language, style, text type, bias and/or ideological positions. Instead of simply listing literary features/text aspects, you must discuss features in light of their effects on meaning. * You will be provided with two guiding questions to help you focus your analysis. You do not have to answer these questions, but using them to guide your analysis will likely improve your commentary. * Your commentary must be continuous and structured.

* You must include specific, relevant examples from the text.

(Language and Literature Guide 28-29)

Criterion A| Understanding of the Text| 5 marks|
Criterion B| Understanding of the Effects of Stylistic Features| 5 marks| Criterion C| Organization and Development| 5 marks|
Criterion D| Language| 5 marks|
| Total| 20 marks|
(Language and Literature Guide 32)

Language & Literature SL Paper 1 Rubric
| 0| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5|
Criterion A: Understanding of the text• To what extent does the analysis show an understanding of the text, its type and purpose, as well as its possible contexts (for example, cultural, temporal, relation to audience)?• Are the comments supported by references to the text?| The work does not reach a standard described by the descriptors to the side.| There is little understanding of the text and...
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