Overview of Planning an Active Directory Deployment Project

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Overview of Planning an Active Directory Deployment Project

By | May 2011
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Overview of Planning an Active Directory Deployment Project

Active Directory in the Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008, Standard Edition; Windows® Server 2008, Enterprise Edition; and Windows® Server 2008 R2, Datacenter Edition operating systems allows organizations to simplify user and resource management while creating a scalable, secure, and manageable infrastructure. Users’ can use Active Directory to manage user’s network infrastructure, including branch office, Microsoft® Exchange Server, and multiple forest environments. Deploying Active Directory provides the following benefits to user’s organization: * Simplified administration and resource management. Users’ can delegate administration to all levels of an organization, and users’ can use Group Policy to centralize administration. * Increased network security and single sign-on for users. Active Directory supports multiple authentication protocols and X.509 certificates, and provides support for smart cards. * Interoperability with other directory services. Active Directory provides standards-based, open interfaces that interoperate with other directory services and applications, such as e-mail applications. * Features that reduce administration costs, increase security, and provide additional functionality. Application directory partitions allow users’ to configure application-specific data replication settings on domain controllers. When users’ raise domain or forest functional levels to Windows Server 2003, users’ can do the following: 

* Rename domains and domain controllers
* Establish two-way forest trusts
* Restructure forests
* Improve replication
* Remove some limitations in environments with a large number of sites

Determining User’s Active Directory Design and Deployment Strategy After users perform a high-level assessment of user’s current environment and determine user’s Active Directory deployment...

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