Overview of Four Seasons Strategy

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Q.1. Introduction
Four Seasons is a company that well understood how to be strategic and integrate such in products, services and processes. A Toronto-based hotel chain, Four Seasons places huge importance in enhancing its value through a four pillar strategy and it is this strategy that has been key to the organisations success in establishing its name firmly in the hospitality industry worldwide. The Four Seasons is built upon the pillars of Luxury Hotels, HR Practices, Uncompromised Customer Service and Business Model.

The Four Pillar Strategy
The Four Seasons have seen their strategy develop over a forty-year period; originally the
strategy was to combine the informal atmosphere of a motel with the services and qualities
offered in a hotel. It wasn’t until the 1970’s when its London hotel experienced huge success
that a niche for small to medium sized luxury hotels was discovered and the focus of the
company changed and founder Isadore Sharp developed the now renowned four pillar
strategy which is explained in further detail below.

Mission Statement and Values
The Four Season’s has created a mission and values statement that encompasses the
company’s goals, beliefs and principles. The mission statement has been developed to serve
as a starting point for the company’s overall business strategy. It is also meant to be a source
of guidance for Four Season’s employees. Their mission statement incorporates four
important attributes of the company; “who we are,” “what we believe,” “how we behave,”
and “how we succeed .” The Four Seasons main purpose is to provide the finest luxury
accommodations to their guests. The company’s goal is to be regarded as the best in hotel
and resort management. The Four Seasons believes their employees are their most vital
assets. The quality of the employees is paramount for the company in their achievement of
organizational objectives. Four Seasons believes it takes a unified and cooperative employee
effort to satisfy the guests’ needs and to achieve success in the industry. The company has
developed the philosophy that individuals (employees and guests) should be treated fairly,
ethically, and respectfully. Four Seasons has adopted the “Golden Rule,” which states: “Do
unto others as you would have others do unto you .” This has become the underlying
foundation for the Four Seasons company culture. Although the Four Seasons wants to be
known as the leader in the luxury hospitality industry, they have a strong belief that the
pursuit of this objective should not overshadow their high ethical standards. The overall
financial goal of the company is to earn a reasonable profit in order to protect the
investments of all stakeholders. Four Seasons also focuses on long-term strategies, which
ensures profitable growth.

Building Competitive Advantage
There are four “building blocks” that create a competitive advantage for companies: superior
efficiency, superior quality, superior innovation and superior customer responsiveness
(Charles W. L. Hill, Gareth R. J. 2011, p. 87). Each of these factors can contribute to
increasing the consumer’s perception of quality and decreasing the company’s cost structure.
The Four Seasons Hotels strives to achieve superiority in each of these components thus
allowing them to maintain an advantage over their key competitors. At the Four Seasons
employee productivity is the main measure of efficiency. The company has developed a
rigorous interview process to ensure the hotel hires employees that match the Four Seasons
criteria. Four Seasons requires that their employees have strong moral values, teamwork
mentality and high quality work ethics. The Four Seasons has also developed extensive
employee training in order to further develop the employee’s skills and traits. The company
believes in empowering their employees in...
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