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Topics: English-language films, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Bend It Like Beckham Pages: 2 (307 words) Published: November 23, 2011
HSC English Area of Study

Here is a list of related texts that are overused by HSC students. More and more students are using these texts, and while SOME may be effective related texts for the Area of Study, they are overused because all of the following texts can be found analysed in study guides. If you use a pre-prepared analysis for your related texts realise you will be competing with the thousands of other students who used the exact same text and analysis.

Edward Scissorhands My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Into the WildLooking for Alibrandi

ShrekThe Arrival

Mean Girls The Rabbits

The Catcher in the Rye Bra Boys

Bend it Like Beckham Big World

Here are some overused quotations from Romulus, My Father. They are generally overused because their ideas concerning the concept of belonging are painfully obvious. We are not saying do not use these quotations, they can be effective. However if you do use them ensure you use them in conjunction with other quotations to support your ideas and make certain that your explanations are in-depth and sophisticated.

“always considered himself a Romanian” p2.

“he asked the man who greeted new arrivals whether there were any other Romanians…He sought them out and they quickly became friends” p. 14

“A dead red gum tree…became for my mother a symbol of her desolation” p.23

“It was as though God had taken me to the back of his workshop and shown me something really special” p.61

“he was happiest in his workshop” p.97

“I know what a good workman is; I know what an honest man is; I know what friendship is; I know because I remember these things in the person of my father.” p.74

This list may be added to after HSC marking 2011.
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