Overseas Study vs. Staying Home

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A person's education plays an important role in molding an individual’s future, one may acquire it locally or internationally. Some might encounter a lot of hindrances in their studies abroad, but there are also benefits that a person may have rather than to stay home. I agree that overseas study will open a lot of doors for opportunities despite all the struggles that one may face.

Those who have finished their studies in foreign nations have a higher chance of being hired than those who have graduated from their home country. Some companies preferred to employ alumni from other countries because of the standard and quality of education that they have acquired and possessed. A perfect example of this are nurses from the Philippines who desire to work abroad like Australia and United Kingdom. Regardless of all the licenses, trainings and certificates that they have achieved, they are still required to study under Bridging Programs such as IRON (Initial Registration of Nurses) Program in Australia and ONP (Occupational Nurse Program) in UK. It is too expensive but it will be worth it once they have completed the program because of the chances of being employed in the hospital.

In addition, some difficulties that a person may encounter while living and studying abroad are Homesickness and Culture Shock., but there are lots of coping mechanisms that they can use. For example, they can utilize the computer to connect with their family. They can use Facebook, Facetime, Skype and other social networks to mingle with their friends. Culture Shock can be prevented by simply learning the culture of the country that they plan to go to using books, travel guide and by browsing the internet for more information.

In my own experience, I have some relatives who are now residing abroad who has undergone special trainings before they have been hired internationally and allowed to practice their profession. It has cost them a lot of penny but all of it has been paid for...
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