Overseas Chinese and Chinese People

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America is a nation consisting of people from different areas with multiple cultures. As a result, lots of Americans have their ancestors in other countries. Even though they are called “Americans”, they have a special identity, that is, hyphenated Americans actually. Chinese-Americans have been one of the large groups of hyphenated Americans since a long time ago. This passage mainly observes the living conditions of Chinese-Americans in America and tries to analyze how the hyphenation identity impacts their thoughts and life. The first section gives a brief introduction about Chinese-American, including its history and construction. Then the passage unpacks their living conditions, such as careers, consumption and repercussions to America with specific examples. In the third part, the author tries to analyze the influence of hyphenated identity on Chinese-Americans. At last, a conclusion presents the core idea of the passage.

In general, Chinese-American is group of Chinese whose nationality is America at present. (Gritter, 2009, pp.2) Chinese-Americans include those American citizens who have blood relationship with Chinese and people who joined in American nationality, giving up the former Chinese nationality. According to the constitution in the Untied States, Chinese-Americans are all American citizens, even though they have a hyphenated American identity. (Abdelrazek, 2008, pp.23) According to the investigation recently, around 60 percent Chinese-Americans come from the mainland and only 9.4 percent from Hong Kong. Taiwan also takes a relatively large account, which is 16 percent in all.

The development of Chinese-American began with immigration in different groups. It is said that the first group immigrants left for the United States in around Ming Dynasty. Then in the 1820s to 1840s, a large number of Chinese people immigrated to America and tried to earn their living overseas. (Chang, 2003, pp.49) In Qing Dynasty, the government was unable to protect dominion and exploited its people. People tried to make a living overseas. However, in early times, the majority of Chinese immigrants came to America as labor workers in construction industry. They undertook heavy labor work with little money. At the same time, Chinese people did not have the right to settle down until the Immigration Law became effective in the 1950s. (Fleegler, 2013, pp. 136) Ever since Chinese had been driven out of factories and mines, they tried to venture by themselves. Therefore, Chinese restaurants appeared and some female Chinese chose to be maids in American families.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese people choose to immigrate to America, aiming at better income or receiving higher education, better medical condition and living environment. Traditionally, the majority of Chinese-Americans live in Chinatown in cities such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. (Tsui, 2009, pp.3) States such as California, Hawaii and New Jersey are the main states where Chinese-Americans live in. As for the conditions of Chinese-Americans, it should be divided into two different groups.

The first group is those highly educated Chinese-Americans, who move to the United States in modern times. This group of people is a typical kind of Chinese who immigrate to America and work at better place. About one fourth Chinese-Americans work in professional fields such as science and design. Compared with some natives, these Chinese-Americans have higher positions and salary in the same company. It is because that they are highly educated as well as hardworking, which is the traditional strength of Chinese. (Wang, 2011, pp.55) Except for some famous scientists, most of them are engaged in work such as management and administration. This group has concentrated much to the development of America in various ways, for example, the field of arts, politics and science.

Another group is the traditional immigrants to America from China....
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