Overseas Born People - Health Inequities in Australia

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  • Published : July 30, 2011
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Overseas-Born People: A Group Experiencing Health Inequity.
The nature and extent of the health inequity.
- The ‘healthy migrant effect’ demonstrates that the majority of the Australians that were born overseas (nearly one-quarter of the population) enjoy lower rates of death (9%). A few reasons factor into this ‘healthy migrant effect’; less exposure to Australian culture and risk factors, migrants tend to be healthy to physically move countries (government has regulations on health, education and job skills.)

People born in countries that war zones, or non-English speaking countries tend to have higher rates of psychological problems due to the stress those factors have upon them. Overseas-Born people have a 20% less rate of hospitalization than other Australians.

Different country migrants tend to have higher rates of different diseases than Australian-born Australians. A few examples are; dialysis (Greece, Italy, Vietnam, Philippines, Croatia and India), lung cancer (United Kingdom and Ireland) and tuberculosis (India, Vietnam, Philippines and China.) The probable reason for difference in rates this is the diverse influential risk factors that come from those environments and culture.

The socio-cultural, socioeconomic and environmental factors. - Migrants are often less exposed to harmful risk factors that are found in Australia such as physical inactivity, skin cancer and high-risk alcohol consumption. ‘The healthy migrant effect’ shows that their factors from their country in comparison to our country make them healthier in relation to Australians.

The socio-cultural factors are language barriers, which lead to a lack of education about health. Relocating and moving countries makes migrants unfamiliar with their whereabouts and can cause stress, also not having communication with their other culture can lead to physiological illnesses, making them prone to them. Finally, their inherited different understanding and knowledge of health, fitness...
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