Overpopulation or Overconsumption

Topics: Overpopulation, Demography, Paul R. Ehrlich Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: April 2, 2012
Ricardo J. Josué
College Writing Honors II
Professor Natalie Oliveri
Overconsumption and Environmental Problems
With many new advances in health and technology, the world has experienced a growth in population over the last decades. While the world’s population has been increasing, the environment had also been degrading. Frequent natural disasters and climate change have been happening around the world. Many people link such happenings to the constant population growth. The environmental problems have caused governments in the many overpopulated countries to propose and pass many laws that would stop their population from growing; most of these laws dealing with family planning. Many of these laws and policies have been effective in stopping their population from growing, but the environmental problems are still occurring. While most people focus on stopping the exponential growth of the world’s populations they overlook the issue of overconsumption, and the effects of the large corporation on the environment. One common example of a country that tried to control their populations is China. They have introduced the one-child policy, their family planning policy which restricts married families to only have one child with the exception of rural couples, ethnic minorities and parents with only one sibling, in 1978. The policy had been a success since it has been devised; until 2011, it has stopped 400 million births from happening. The one-child policy had also prevented some environmental problems in China. The population control has kept sulphur dioxide emissions by 17.6%, and the main sources of water pollution by 30.8%, according to Liu Shaojie vice director of the Population Commission in Henan, the most environmentally unstable province in China (Jonathan). The Chinese policy’s success can’t be used as evidence that overpopulation is the sole cause of the world’s environmental ills. As stated by Fred Pearce, a regular writer for The Guardian...
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