Overpopulation of the World and the Problems It Creates

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  • Published : April 29, 2010
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Overpopulation of the World and the Problems it Creates

The world is faced with growing conservation problems daily, most of which are caused by an increasing population. In order to deal with the problems of overpopulation, the world needs to consider minimizing consumption, lowering waste byproducts, and keeping a hand on land management.

Consumption is the act of using resources at an uncontrolled rate. It is mainly the result of overpopulation. The population of the world is growing by approximately 212,970 people per day and is said to reach nine billion people by 2040 (World Population). As the population increases at this rapid rate, the demand for food, water, and shelter will also rise just as quickly. Since the demand for goods like electricity and fuels also increase, we should consider using a more conservational method to create these items by using more abundant and replaceable resources. Water is the most abundant resources on the planet. Instead of using petroleum based fuels to run cars, we should use water. Scientists have already developed hydrogen powered vehicles such as cars, busses, scooters, and tractors (NREL). Another alternative for fueling cars are crops like corn that produce ethanol. Electricity is going to one of the most demanded items as the population grows. In some places, fuels are being used to create energy. Instead, abundant resources like sunlight, wind, and water should be used to generate all the electricity that is consumed. But, even with these methods of producing a “cleaner” energy supply, the general population will have to contribute to the conservation of the energy. Some simple things that people can do is :lower thermostats, use energy efficient bulbs, use drip irrigation to water flowers and fruits, use solar energy to dry clothes, and create a compost to dispose of that waste instead of throwing it away.

As the population is growing, the amount of waste that is produced from the...
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