Overpopulation in Philippines

Topics: Poverty, Natural resource, Famine Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Many sources, books and articles say that people are the most important natural resources a land could have. People are the ones who develop and take care of the nature. People are also the main users of what the nature could give. It was yesterday when it seems that people are not the problem, in fact, they are the factors that contributes to the betterment of a nation. Today, it seems that people are coming way too fast and many already. Well, I say there’s no problem about it. No problem if these people are from other countries. But sad to say, the reality is, our nation, the Philippines has this problem. Overpopulation is and should be everyone’s concern. It’s not something that we should blame only on the poor or the government or especially only on those who have seemingly taken God’s directive to “go forth and multiply” to heart.

Every second, minute, hours, weeks... There are babies that are born. Meaning, another person to be taken care of. Another person that will use our land resources. The problem is, there are too many people that compete for the wealth of our land has. Lucky for those people who has the money to buy the things that they need. But, how about those unfortunate people? It’s very hard to live life empty-handed. But that’s the reality. They should sacrifice everything or else, they die. How could they have a happy life if they don’t have something? Overpopulation is the reason why most of the people suffer not only in the rural but also in the urban. Children cry because they starve. Why? It’s because of poverty. Whether they like it or not, they should be satisfied in anything that is available. People even do immoral things because they think that it is the easiest yet effective way of earning. I can’t imagine how these things are happening when our country has rich natural resources! Words like, poverty, unfortunate, hardship and cruelty would have not come to life if it were not because of the overpopulation....
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