Overpopulation: Demography and Urban Areas

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  • Published : April 28, 2011
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Topic: What are the characteristics for determining overpopulation iN a named country or environment?

Analysis by Division
Topic: What are the characteristics for determining overpopulation in a named country or environment? Thesis Statement: In the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, overpopulation is determined through the characteristic of decreased death rate, increased birth rate and migration to urban areas.

Sub-Topics| Topic Sentence|
Decrease death rates.| Decreased death rate is a characteristic used in determining over population in Trinidad and Tobago.| Increase in birth rates.| Another feature employed in determining overpopulation in Trinidad and Tobago is increased birth rates.| Migration to urban areas.| Finally, migration to urban areas is another aspect of determining overpopulation in Trinidad and Tobago.|


According to “Poverty Princess” overpopulation is to increase the population density of a place so much that the amount of food, water and land is insufficient to providing resources. Overpopulation impacts the life of every citizen and has proven to be one of the gravest difficulties which have to be fought. The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is affected by overpopulation which means increase human resources due to several factors. Overpopulation will cause increase unemployment, increase hunger rates and less economic advancement (Scott B. MacDonald). For groups like the East Indian it means more help on the farms, more voters and more say in governing the colony, something Afro-Creoles are afraid of. Overpopulation not only affects the lower-class citizens living in Trinidad and Tobago but also the middle-class and the upper-class because of lack of economic development. Due to overpopulation the upper and middle class have easy access to resources; whilst the lower class must to struggle because they cannot afford these available...
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