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By | November 2012
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Hyacinth bean
Family Name: Fabaceae
Scientific Name: Dolichos lablab (Lablab purpurea)
Common Name: Hyacinth Bean, Egyptian Bean, Indian Bean
Use : Fodder for livestock

Sweet Corn 
Family Name: Gramineae (Poaceae)
Scientific Name : Zea mays
Common Name: Sweet corn
Use: Cancer, cholagogue, demulcent, diuretic, hypoglycaemic, hypotensive, lithontripic, stimulant,vasodilator,warts..  Capsicums
Family Name: Solanaceae
Scientific Name: Capsicum annum
Common Name: capsaicin, cayenne, chili pepper, hot er, paprika, pimiento, long pepper, conoids Use: It is also used for conditions of  vessels including poor circulation, , high cholesterol, and preventing heart disease.

Family Name: Apiaceae
Scientific Name: Apium graveolens 
Common Name: Kintsay, Celery
Use: Used to treat joint pain (rheumatism),gout and hysteria.

Family Name: Lilliaceae
Scientific Name: Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum
Commmon Name: Leek, “poor man’s asparagus”
Use: Diuretic

Mexican turnip
SN: Pachyrhizus erosus
CN: Jicama, Mexican Potato, Mexican Turnip, Sakula, Xiquima, Yam Bean FN: Fabaceae
Uses: dietary fiber

Family Name: Solanaceae
Scientific Name : Solanum melongena
Common Name: Brinjal,Eggplant
Use: tx of syphilis and skin diseases
Winged Beans
Family Name: Fabaceae
Scientific Name: Psophocarpus tetragonolobus
Common Name: Winged bean, four angled
Use: Helps in the production and maintenance of the bones and provides strength to overcome diseases and weaknesses.

Winter melon
Family Name:Cucurbitaceae
SN: Benincasa hispida
CN:  white gourd, winter melon, white pumpkin, wax gourd, petha, safed kaddu, boodida gummadikaya, pooshnikai, ash gourd Use: Digestive ailments like hyperacidity, dyspepsia, and ulcers. Ash-gourd juice is a popular home remedy for peptic ulcers.

SN: Cucurbita maxima
CN: Squash, butternut squash
FN: cucurbitaceae

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