Overpaid or Justly Compensated

Topics: Professional sports, Football, Amateur sports Pages: 4 (1454 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Overpaid or Justly Compensated
Professional athletes sign huge contracts up to $20 million dollars per season, but it does not quite mean that they are overpaid. These athletes play sports for professional teams which is not that easy to get into. There is only a .03 percent chance for a college basketball player to make it into the NBA, which the chances seem nearly impossible. These athletes also have to work hard to stay in shape all year round, because their jobs depend on it. They also risk a chance of injury every time they step out onto a court, a field, or a stadium, etc. It’s also determined that NFL players lives are cut short by two or three years for each season they play. Not to mention the reason why their salaries are so high, are because of the fans who willingly support them. Being an athlete also means always being the public’s eye, so they must always maintain a clean image. These athletes are justly compensated for their jobs due to the challenge to get in, stay in, maintain their image, and the risks behind being an athlete. (Resnick) There are athletes who simply play sports for their schools, colleges, or clubs or in tournaments. Then there are the professional athletes, unlike amateurs, who earn money for playing sports. These professional athletes play for profit-making teams such as professional football, basketball, hockey, baseball teams and more. It is also not very easy to get into the top professional sports; getting into the NBA there's a .03 percent chance of a college basketball player making it. (Resnick) Getting into a pro team is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot of tremendous hours of dedicated training and practice to get a job in a professional sport. According to Gerald Sim, "The odds are higher for someone to become a brain surgeon than a NBA player” (Sim). With that said, it may even seem more logical that the professional athlete be paid more than a brain surgeon. Those who make it into a...
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