Overfishing Overview

Topics: Overfishing, Bottom trawling, Fishing Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: February 12, 2013
The Sustainability of Over Fishing

Area AHi, I’m Taylor and my sustainability project is on over fishing. Over fishing means “situations where one or more fish are reduced below their normal populations because of fishing activities”. This means that fish or fish’s population may be so over fished that it may not recover. So I am going to talk about ways we can still fish but in a more sustainable way.

Area BScience, Math, and Technology can help my issue by leading up to it and possibly solving the problem. Science could help for someone could invent a chemical that temporarily stuns the fish (like cyanide). But it does not hurt anything from a piece of coral to a grain of sand. Math also could help, we could have a limit on how many fish are caught, thus making it almost impossible to over fish. Technology could also help, for we could make an invention that could estimate, how many fish are in what area. And then we could see if something was wrong with the population.

Area CSome various possible solutions are we could have deals with fisheries in developing nations, have better agreements with richer countries. That can protect the marine environment and fishing communities. We could help sustainable fisheries, build marine reserves in areas were fishing isn’t allowed (to help certain fish stocks); we could reduce or eliminate destructive fishing practices. Such as bottom trawling, drift nets, long lining, cyanide fishing est. Cyanide fishing are very destructive to habitats and non-target species. Lost or discarded fishing gear is destructive to underwater habitats as well.

Area DSome difficulties with my solutions are some of the richer countries may not want to help the developing nations that can protect the marine environment and fishing communities. And for marine reserves what if people don’t want to follow the rules and fish anyway? And lastly what if people despite the rules about bottom trawling and cyanide fishing the people do it...
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