Overfishing of the Ocean

Topics: Fish, Fishing industry, Commercial fishing Pages: 3 (562 words) Published: October 5, 2008
The water resource problem in this video is the overfishing of the ocean. Overfishing of the ocean

has shifted the entire ecosystem. The ocean today has far less fish life than it used to. One estimate

shows only one-tenth of the sharks, tuna, cod and other large predatory fish swim in the ocean.

around the world. The loss of fish continues. Overfishing occurs when fish and other marine species

are caught at a faster rate then they can reproduce. There is a high demand for fish. The commercial

fishing industries use grill nets, purse seines and drift nets to catch their fish. However; this still leaves

over 27 million tons of fish that are wasted thru these methods. Another factor is that other habitats

which are crucial to the regeneration of fish stocks are also destroyed. Marine mammals and birds are

also caught in the nets used by commercial fishing. The wasted fish and marine life is referred to as

bycatch. Bycatch leaves huge amounts of dead matter in the water also making it dangerous for fish,

other ocean life, and humans.

There are new and improved techniques used by commercial fishermen to catch their fish. The

overfishing will eventually cause extinction. The marine environment is also affected by the depletion

of fish. The natural ocean ecosystem is disrupted ultimately threatening many non-fished marine

species as their natural food supply is removed. Overfishing not only destroys the natural balance of

our ocean but also results in great financial loss. Fish are obtained for the commercial fishing

industries, for recreation, to obtain ornamental fish or fish oils. There are fishing activities where the

fish are not used for consumption. These places are called industrial fisheries. Fisheries are usually

marine and not freshwater. The fish that are usually caught are not always used for human food. There

is about 40% of fish that are used for other purposes such as fishmeal to...
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