Overcrowded Prisons

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  • Published : October 29, 2008
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Overcrowding in prisons has several effects with inmates serving their sentences, it constructs a negative effect on the inmate’s mental and general health, this type of disorders can be avoided by providing rehabilitation programs and to help reduce the expenses of prisons in the long run. The overcrowding of prisons has significantly increased the possibilities for communicable diseases, as well as poor hygiene that results with the increase of hepatitis strands, HIV, increased blood pressure, stress, and mental health disorders. Excess stress can lead to vicious behavior or depression which then can trigger a person to commit suicide. Crime in prisons has increased creating erratic behavior leading to aggression and suicidal tendencies. The crimes committed are cruelty beatings and raping. Overcrowding prisons has also caused bad living conditions where inmates sleep on bunk beds that are three layers high as well as sleeping on the floors or tables. Imprisonment rates are extremely high for every 100,000 people, nearly 500 are in prison. To help avoid the overcrowding in prison I believe that offenders who haven’t commited any crimes against citizens or property destruction should be on house arrest with restrictions, parole, and a foot monitor. This plan will leave out the violent criminals that have commited murders, armed thief, child molesters and rapist. These criminals should absolutely be incarcerated in prison. The cost of having an inmate in prison can be over $25,000 a year. The money spent in inmates that can be out on parole, with a monitor and on house arrest can be used to apply treatment programs that can reduce the relapse into crime in the future for inmates this will in turn avoid the effect of overcrowding prisons in the long run. The programs for rehabilitation should include substance abuse treatment, mental health services as well as programs that will help the inmates further their education with vocational programs. The programs...
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