Overcoming the Odds

Topics: Basketball, High school, Mother Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Overcoming the Odds

In life there will always be obstacles that are placed before us. Some will be easy and others will be difficult. I could remember a few incidents that made me think I would not be able to overcome certain roadblocks to achieve my goals.

It was the summer of 2009; we had just got back home from Antigua & Barbuda of the sixth CVC Basketball Classic tournament. My high school coach had received a letter of acceptance to Word of Life Traditional School in Wichita, Kansas awarding me a full scholarship to play basketball for their school. At that time my mother was unemployed and we were not receiving help from other family members. The only thing that was going through my mind was saying, “Yes, I’ve got a school abroad to better myself and make my mother proud.”

When I was looking at my mother’s face as she read the letter; it was full of happiness and stress at the same time. The ticket to Kansas was around eight hundred to one thousand dollars, school was opening in less than three weeks, and we did not have a dollar for my ticket or living expenses. My mother and I had asked family members, friends, and private companies. It has been three weeks and we only had received five hundred dollars. All I could do is cry realizing I can’t go. As my mom witnessed my pain and frustration, she held me and said “God knows best and everything happens on his time, not ours. He wouldn’t bring us this far to fail.” The first week of school had passed and things was still looking bleak. That Friday morning I was shooting on the basketball court trying to clear my head. This guy saw me and asked me why I was not in school I told him about my situation. The man pulled out his wallet and gave me his card and told me to stop by his office that afternoon. Later that day I went to his office and he handed me a check for one thousand dollars. He said, “always work hard and follow your dreams and you will always have support,” I got up and thanked him for...
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