Overcoming Perceptual Blocks

Topics: Energy, Wind power, Renewable energy Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: April 29, 2013
So, on one side of the fence we have people screaming that alternative energy sources, such as wind and hydro power, are better and more beneficial for our country. On the other side, we have people shouting the exact opposite. I am not sided with either. I can see both sides, and understand that developing renewable energy sources in our country has its pros and cons. Yes, renewable energy would make our country more “green” and self-reliant, but it will cost us more money to develop without having an absolutely guarantee that it will be efficient.

When it comes to determining which, if any, habits I have that would hinder my thinking on this, only one comes to mind: conformity. When it comes to whether or not our country should develop means of renewable energy, I am not for one side or the other, like I am sure that many Americans are. The way that I see things is it can go the way that it has been, and I will continue to be fine with it, mostly because I have no other option. I have conformed and accepted this as the norm. However, in attempt to not be resistant to change, if the United States decided to switch to renewable forms of energy, I would be completely willing to give it a try – but again, I would be conforming to the norm, mostly because I would not have much of a choice, and I do not really see fighting it to be pointless and not really worth the effort.

With being so open to the change that would happen if the country decided to switch to forms of renewable energy, I am not sure that it would be possible to overcome the hinder of conformity. I am sure that if this was something that actually came about in the country, I would have to be accepting of it, and conform … or be without many of the things in life that would require whichever form of renewable energy replaces that of today’s world. In this situation though, I am not sure that conforming would be such a bad thing, because there is really nothing else that I could do about it....
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