Overcoming Obstacles

Topics: Mother, Family, Mind Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Vanessa Sieunarine

Why is it that when you buy a pack of hair scrunchies they seem so much? as if you have a life time supply of them. However in reality you always manage to loose all of them eventually, except that last one. That last hair scrunchie you make sure you always have on you. And why you ask? i believe us girls do so because we know that, that one hair scrunchie we are relying onto so much therefore we do our best to keep it. Well i guess i thought i had a "life time supply" of hair scrunchies when it came to a lot of things in my life. For one school, i honestly thought i had so much time to get those grades up and study for those tests. Unfortunately my mind just wasn't there. Although i was rudely awaken with reality when my mother kicked me out of my own house. i had just lost that last hair scrunchie, and i did not know what to do with my life. But shortly after that i had realized that in the very end to achieve what i yearned for in my life, for my future. i had to do it by myself and work for it. nothing was going to come on a silver platter fsor me anymore. Mommy and Daddy couldn't just control me so easily and force me what they wanted to do. I had my own perception of life. when i figured out that this is how it really i not having a home was a big wake up call. I no longer desired to repeat past events and constantly be a let down to my parents, and more importantly myself. Because my parents will think what they want of me and i cannot do anything to change that. However self pride is something i find more rewarding than any mom, dad, brother, sister or cousin could ever make me feel. Because knowing that you are improving yourself to achieve what you want in life is probably one of the best feelings i have ever felt in a long while. So i actually ended up finding that last hair scrunchie i had thought i lost. i never really lost it at all. It...
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