Overcoming Obstacles

Topics: Problem solving, Thought, Want Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Like many others, I have incurred a plethora of problematic situations on a frequent basis. Nothing is perfect and as a human being, I am subject to trial and error. Howsoever, it is imperative that I effectively address my problems, because if I don’t, then I could become inundated with confusion, which would ultimately lead to stress. I am not the type of person who can focus under a great deal of pressure because I tend to crack after a while.

One issue that I have constantly faced is living independently - without family and friends. My family and close friends provide me with a sense of strength and joy – the kind that is required in order for me to get through life. I didn’t realize that I happened to be so dependent upon the presence of my loved ones until I moved to the US. I used to think this symbolized the love that I have for key people in my life. But, it’s a terrible thing because I don’t know how to be alone, especially in a foreign country.

At times I find myself lonely and depressed when I get homesick or if I go a day without placing or receiving a phone call from “back home”. I don’t want to eat, sleep, be active or do anything productive; the only thing I find myself doing is crawling into my shell wishing that I could escape and be back in my home country with the people I love. Some say it may even be a form of culture shock, but I think it’s a psychological issue which should be addressed. I really want to work through this so I can find myself being a bit happier with life and grateful for my many blessings. Unlike in the Middle East, I have been able to live a comfortable life in the country and I should be more thankful.

I think if I follow the six steps which are outlined to deal with real-life problem solving, I can combat this issue and specify exactly what it is that leaves me to feel as if I can’t survive in this country. Maybe If I learn how to become a stronger (willed)...
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