Overcoming My Needle Fear

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Cosmina Ghita – 10/05/10


Learning something new can be a hard and scary experience. Since I remember I always wanted to help people. I could not find a proper way to do it until I talked to one of my friends, who is a nurse. She explained that nursing is not only about helping people to get better it is also a secured necessity that a person can be proud of achieving. As a result of our conversation I started to examine myself and look to see if I have the required qualities for this profession. In addition to compassion, strong desire and willingness to help those in need, patience, honesty, and good health, one needs strength for such duties as lifting patients to and from the bed. In my mind I thought “this is me.” Therefore my next step was to enroll in a Nursing School. All is good and well until I realized that I have a phobia, I am afraid of needles! I have been afraid of needles since I remember, so what can I do now? I decided that administrating injections is an important skill that I have to learn in my way to pursue nursing career. After weeks went by since I started school, my first laboratory day came. I and other classmates joined our teacher into the spacious laboratory. She explained us the sites we can give a shot, the volume of the medication, the depth, and off course the needle size that is needed. She gave us as an example a diabetic person who needs a subcutaneous injection and recommended site is the abdomen. Just hearing it made me nervous but I began to feel more relaxed after time went by and saw some of my colleagues were afraid too. After watching her demonstrate on the dummies that were provided by the school it was time for us to do it. Things were not quite easy for me, but the teacher was patient with each one of us. First step of administering an injection was to clean the site with antiseptic swab, then grasped the syringe and injected the needle at a 45 degree angle. Next the medicine was pushed...
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