Overcoming Communication Barriers

Topics: Emotion, Customer service, Technical support Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Overcoming Communication Barriers

IT/284 Enterprise Computer Support
Axia College
Consumers will always need customer support technicians that are able to assist them with their technical problems. While assisting consumers the support technician needs to be aware that there will be times that communication will become difficult for many reasons. Some reasons why customers become difficult when communicating their technical problems are a lack of urgency, lack of knowledge, inactive listening, using unfamiliar language or jargon, not allowing the customer to speak, language barriers or accents, and high emotional response to an issue. The three that I will focus on specifically are a lack of urgency, inactive listening, and high emotional response to issue.

When a technician appears to be taking their time or not showing the customer that their issue is indeed an issue to be resolved immediately, the customer can get angry. When a customer becomes angry they might be more prone to stop communicating effectively because they could be fighting the urge to argue or yell. As a computer support technician it is important to realize that even if their issues are minimal, they are important to the customer. The technician should take ownership and realize the customer came to them to resolve their problem and trust them to resolve it quickly and correctly and make every issue a priority. It is also important that you are able to adapt to the behaviors of each individual you encounter. Some customers may need you to slow down and repeat what it is that you are showing them how to do. This will require patience with the situation and you must be careful not to rush the individual. There will also be times where the customer will come to you certain that they know the problem and simply need you to fix it; you should always follow your troubleshooting techniques to verify the exact issue including finding out what the customer is experiencing. You should never...
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