Overcoming Adversity Questions

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  • Published : July 17, 2005
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Overcoming Adversity Questions

1.He struggles with mental and social adversity
Mental Adversity: Being misfortunately intellectually challenged. Social Adversity: Being misfortunately unable to communicate with people on the same level as us.

2.Some of the difficulties that he faces in daily life with his schizophrenia are that after his hospitalization, when he is on the medication he can't react to his wife, baby son, or anyone else. Other difficulties that he encounters is that he has 3 characters which he can only see with him all the time, which he learns to ignore so he can live his life off the medication, resulting in being able to communicate with others, and soon being able to teach again, being still unsure of who is real and who is imaginary. Before his schizophrenia is diagnosed he is stuttering because as he says to Charles "he doesn't like people very much".

3.Charles- Charles's role in John Nash's life is to give him someone to talk to and to help Nash overcome the failure he encounters since he believes that it is improbable to fail, by doing this, he helps Nash find himself, and helps him come up with his economic equation that he later receives the Nobel prize for.

William Parcher (Big Brother) - He helps John Nash find himself in the way that I believe he is helping his schizophrenia come out due to the missions which are given to him which involve cracking Russian codes. After Nash believes he was nearly shot at by Russian Spies, he becomes very scared of people in black and is always looking out the window for the Russian spies who he believes are going to kill him, and because of this his wife, Alicia calls a

Marcy (Charles' niece) -

4.His hospitalization is prompted by him being scared of everything, since he believed he was shot at by Russian Spies. His wife is getting scared by him acting so crazy, and always peering out the window looking for Russian spies.

5.The thing that prompts his second attempt at...
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