Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

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Hi, this is Kathleen Hassan. Today, an email come from a girl named Sarah and she writes: “Hi Kathleen, for a start, I want to say that your video ………helpful and I admire the work that you’re doing”. Thank you Sarah, hú hú. “Here is my question: How can I overcome my fears on public speaking?” and I wrote that to Sarah and I have this long email but I’m going to just read to you what I wrote to her and I share with you the same things that I told her. I hope that will helps you overcome any fear that you might have at public speaking. Speaking to the world is not just fear that Sarah got information, I want everyone to know how … they can be their best in front of their audience but I start it up by telling Sarah the her question reminds me that a famous joke, they said at the last travel in New York, they say: “excuse me, how can I get card to SOMETHING hall?” and a person said: “ Practice, practice, practice”. So that’s the number 1: You know how to get to public speaking, actually you have to practice. But the first thing you can do is to visualize yourself in front of the audience. Visualization is the tool when you picture or paint the future in advance. So imagine yourself standing before there audience, imagine the audience, just uploading and hinjừn on every word and then you totally inspire them. So that’s the first step. After doing this, before again, practice mentally throwing three shot that you’re playing basket ball or hitting a home run and then when you actually do this, your body or your mind does not know the different between something your imagine or real happening and imagine that “ Oh, I did this before, I know what to do here” so that why visualizing, using the power or your mind paint the future in advance. Next, you wanted to you use tool called aforementioned. Aforementioned _ a statement representative is already archive and they firm, they put new believes in there. So instead of saying “ Ouh, I’m scaring to death of public...
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