Over Dependence of Youngsters on Modern Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, Internet Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Prof. Min-tzer Lin
English Compostion III
Jarrel Zhen-yoong Ng 伍雋永
Over Dependence of Youngsters on Modern Technology
Just imagine. If an eighteen-year-old, typical techno-dependent boy who lives in the heart of the Big Apple—New York City—today, were to be transferred to the same city a few decades ago in a time warp, if there were ever a time machine. Could he live all the same happily in an identical city with just the “mere” differences of it being a few decades younger and technologically underdeveloped? Would a boy so young and so dependent on modern technology like him survive the era? Or an even simpler question: Could he remain sane in a world without advanced technology? I certainly doubt it. Youngsters’ over dependence on technology nowadays is not altogether beneficial, as it can bring about numerous worrying problems. Today, electronic devices like mobile phones have become the most important things in people’s lives, especially youngsters. They rely heavily on mobile phones not just for the sake of communication like in the old days, but also for the purpose of extinguishing boredom. Whenever they leave the house, mobile phones are always a must in their pockets. With the prevalence of mobile phones, or even more sophisticated smart phones, the lifestyles of youngsters have been changed. They can no longer stand a life without the device. Based on my personal observation, people are more incline to kill time by surfing the internet or playing games on their smart phones rather than reading books. Online plagiarisms are even considered as common phenomenon in universities. The sad fact is, the inclination of utilizing written materials for academic purposes are gradually diminishing though books are often more reliable in comparison with online sources. The over dependence of youngsters can be interpreted as addiction to internet surfing and game playing, either via smart phones, desktops, laptops or...
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