Ovarian Cyst

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While some ovarian cysts are harmless, others pose an imminent threat to a woman's health. Therefore, an ovarian cyst's treatment varies dramatically, depending on individual circumstances. In most cases, these types of cysts are functional, developing at the end of a woman's menstrual cycle. They typically clear up on their own, usually after eggs in the cyst have been released into the fallopian tubes. However, some types of cysts may block the blood supply to the ovaries, continue growing or contain cancerous cells. In these cases, immediate ovarian cysts treatment is necessary in order to prevent negative health consequences. Other than traditional treatment options, some women opt for alternative treatments, including: •Antioxidant supplements

Herbs, such as blue cohosh
Homeopathics, including plant and animal extracts
Special diets with little or no red meat.
These alternative ovarian cyst treatment options may reduce symptoms and prevent cysts from growing further. However, they won't cure ovarian types of cysts. Researchers have yet to discover the effectiveness of alternative ovarian cysts treatment. It's important to seek the proper medical attention for an official diagnosis and treatment for these types of cysts. Diet

Two dietary factors fuel ovarian cysts: estrogen-laden foods and high carbohydrate consumption. High estrogen production (and ingestion of estrogen rich foods) feed cysts. High carb consumption leads to weight gain, and the storage of estrogen in fat cells. Enlarged fat cells lead to high estrogen storage. High estrogen promotes ovarian cysts that don’t dissolve normally. High carb consumption affects prostaglandin hormones, which lead to cyst fluid retention/swelling and the pain response. All endocrine hormones are affected and thrown off balance by excess insulin. If you have ovarian cysts it’s high time to get serious about living on a low carb diet.

Cut down or eliminate estrogen rich foods: tomatoes, non-organic...
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