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Globalization has lead to increase in international trade and a greater role for multinational corporations. With the rise of globalization many companies are turning to either off shoring or offshore outsourcing. In India and China, companies like IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Novell choose to get services from sub-contractors in these countries or move their development and support jobs there. Outsourcing is to contract out some of company’s activities to a third party company. The company who outsourced and the third party who is going to handle the activities for the company are joined by means of an outsourcing arrangement. This practice became even more popular after the dot-com crash of the early 21st century. As many businesses struggled with cash-flow problems, many investors were leery in investing money in high-tech companies, which many felt were still vulnerable to the dot-com effect. Struggling to do more with less, companies looked for less expensive avenues of development and support. For the United States, India seemed like a perfect resource for these needs since most nationals speak English. A company can hire an engineer in India, for example, for US$10,000 a year where an equally qualified engineer in the U.S. could cost $60,000-$90,000 a year. Outsourcing has been big political issue as highly educated and highly paid IT workers lose their jobs. In this competitive environment, companies have to concentrate on competency and they want to outsource everything to reduce cost so the trend toward offshore outsourcing is increasing. Outsourcing threatens that in future US will not have many technology people. As all the technical work will be done outside and WE will be depended on them. Why companies are outsourcing?

Mostly the companies outsourcing are the software companies. Until now people were brought from different countries for doing the software jobs. But the job involved in software industry is so much that it is not possible to bring all the people to US and get the jobs. Even bringing the people on visas is expensive also giving salaries and benefits to so many people disturb the company’s budget. The other main benefit of doing outsourcing is that there is no responsibility on the companies in the US. Because when the employee is hired all the benefits have to be given to the person. In case of off shoring the part of the product development is given to the other company for example in India so, US companies don’t have to look after the liabilities of the person involved. Outsourcing helps the companies in US with more efficient work and more profitable than the companies doing by itself. Even though the companies can do that job by itself they would serve themselves better by hiring a consultancy firm to provide IT-related services. Most of the companies use information technology to achieve goal. Information technology acts as catalyst in company’s growth and earnings. But the company has to spend research and time on maintaining the technology. So companies outsource these Jobs so that they can concentrate on their main business goals. IT Consulting firms in other countries are good in particular technology so they are qualified in the work related to it like providing solutions and support more than any other companies. So the companies in US achieve maximum results by taking services from these companies and thus increase their efficiency. Few main reasons for companies outsourcing are as follows Low cost labor

Large number of educates labor
Foreign government
International Collaboration
Proved outsourcing processes
Access to large market
IT outsourcing
The concept of outsourcing started taking waves in early 1990’s. And more and more companies started taking benefits of the outsourcing. Companies got attracted towards outsourcing because of cost motivation but now they are focusing on performance they are getting from...
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