Outsourcing to India- Term Paper

Topics: Outsourcing, Business process outsourcing, India Pages: 8 (2305 words) Published: April 29, 2011
Business and Information Systems

Outsourcing to India

Prof John Peco
ITM 100 Business and Information Systems
November 29, 2008

1.0 Table of Contents Pg. 2

2.0 Executive Summary Pg. 3 3.0 Research Hypothesis Pg. 4 4.0 Introduction Pg. 5 5.0 Background to IT Services in India Pg. 6 6.1 Why invest in India? Pg. 6 6.2 What kinds of services are being outsourced to India? Pg. 6 6.3 Who is outsourcing to India? Pg.7 6.0 The Indian Perspective Pg. 8 7.4 Benefit or Loss? Pgs. 8 – 9 7.5 Global Market VS Indian Market Pgs. 10 – 12 7.6 IT Job Statistics Pgs. 12 – 13 7.0 Future of India Pg. 14 8.0 Conclusion Pg. 15 9.0 Works Cited Pgs. 16 - 17

2.0 Executive Summary
India, a relatively small country, with a relatively large population, is currently the hotspot for most IT related work. Jobs in the IT sector are multiplying every year with North American companies outsourcing their IT services to India. In this “globalization” game India is a key player because with a population of over a billion people and some of the most prestigious IT Universities in the world (IIT), finding a knowledge worker is a piece of cake. In the past decade India has driven the IT sector to new heights by connecting workstations with fiber optic cables. This attracted North American companies that saw enormous brain power in Indian workers who came in maximum abundance, worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and for 1/12th the salary of an American worker. As the shift started to take place, the Indian economy was poured with billions of dollars and millions of jobs. Although India clearly benefited from this, some people in India are unhappy with the globalization that is taking place. The biggest problem India has faced during this process is believed to be “loss of culture in the younger generation”. The future of India currently seems to be bright, with more multinational companies coming into India and bringing in capital, India will show a great deal of progress in its economy.

3.0 Research Hypothesis
In the past decade outsourcing of IT jobs from North America to India has brought in billions of dollars and millions of jobs to India.

outsourcing It jobs to india from north america has benefited the indian economy but has created heated controversies in the american job market due to massive job cuts in north america

4.0 Introduction
In India today, 1.5 billion people, three and a half times the population of America, are living...
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