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Topics: Girl Scouts of the USA, Juliette Gordon Low, Scouting Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Lindsay Gray
Eng. 101
Definition Essay Final Draft

The idea of the perfect Girl Scout crosses the mind, but passes over. In the year 1912, Juliette Gordon Low became the founder of girl scouts. She was artistic, intelligent, self-reliant, and determined; which lead her to found one of America’s greatest non-profits that’s lasted over 100 years. Low had yet to discover that her foundation for girl scouts would shape and change the future world for women. The main goal of girl scouting is promoting diversity, individualism, being independent, discovering leadership, becoming involved, and obtaining new skills.

Many girls across the world are different physically, emotionally, and by the color of their skin. This is why girl scouts is very helpful for girls because it promotes diversity. Low wanted all girls across the world to have this experience; therefore she allowed anyone to join, girls across many nations were thrilled. From the American’s, Europe, Asia and Africa girls all over the world are now involved in one of the fastest growing non-profit organizations in the world. Also, with the promotion of diversity each girl learned to accept every individual girl for who they are, which allowed them to make more friends and have fun. In addition, any girl with special needs, disabilities, or chronic illness would be accepted into the Girl Scout family. Today, girl scouts help others in need; from volunteering at homeless shelters to having a car wash for a good cause, they always can make a difference. However; the girls also make an impact on themselves as a individual.

Girl Scouts all across the world are affecting the planet and living beings on it in a positive way; even though they are helping other people they impact their own individual self. In the past 100 years, scouts have the determination to discover who they want to be in life, and what they want to do. In activities, such as camp and earning badges girls learn all kinds of professional...
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