Outsourcing in India

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It holds a staggering amount of more than one billion people, but only three million of these people are a part of the IT boom that is taking place. The documentary, “On the other side of outsourcing” shows the improvements and challenges brought on by globalization, information technologies, and outsourcing to India’s rich, middle class and poor. It explores and tries to answer the question of whether globalization is positively or negatively affecting India’s culture, younger generations and overall economy by focusing on the effects of outsourcing. The documentary leads to a better understanding of globalization and the overall positive effects of outsourcing on India’s society. It also emphasizes the need for a developing country like India to try to overcome the digital and social divide that is caused by the concentration of ICT’s in mostly urban areas.

“On the other side of outsourcing” begins with exploring the effects of outsourcing in Bangalore, India. The growing demand of computerized services has created a lot of job opportunities and brought money into India. Outsourcing is when international companies hire a third party instead of their own local workers, to work for them; usually due to cheaper labour work. But how does globalization caused by outsourcing and the availability of ICT’s affect India’s culture? India’s culture is made up of deeply rooted traditions. As it has started to become a part of the global market and as some areas begin to connect to the network society a change in culture and lifestyle has taken place.

Many citizens in India are worried that India’s rich culture with deeply rooted traditions is being replaced with Western culture. As the younger generations become more independent due to jobs created by call centers, they move out from their parents’ house at a young age, more girls work instead of studying or getting married, and their traditional...
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