Outsourcing Backlash Gets Abusive

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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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1. I would speak in a level tone. I will try to avoid harsh, strong or abusive words. I will try not to react emotionally and try to draw the other person’s attention to objective facts related to the situation under fire.

2. Keep your cool.” Means in this situation answer yourself in cool facts only. Or try to change the direction of conversation. If possible never use strong abuse languages that will complicate the situation. One of the way is to listen silently and then respond with complete self control.

3. Yes I do agree with the view that such abusive happenings on telephone do not have any impact on business. Because The main reason U.S. businesses give for outsourcing is to remain competitive by cutting costs, especially wages. With India’s population well near one billion, the availability of low-cost labor has been one of its strongest attractions. India's labor cost is 1/5th to 1/10th of that of many European and American countries. Companies can gain 50%-60% cost saving from India considering the infrastructure, telecommunications and project management related costs. Experienced and educated workforce: India & other developing countries like china has realized the benefits of having an educated workforce with a strong work ethic. India has over 800,000 IT professionals and is graduating about 200,000 technical graduates each year. These people coming out have strong technical skills. On average, an engineer with some experience in India is paid a monthly salary of less than $500, compared to up from $5,000 in the US Silicon Valley. With the maturity of the outsourcing centers in India, Malaysia, China and the Philippines the cost of operation has proven to have climbed. This have lead outsourcing magnates to look for more suitable sites that house fluent speakers of the English language, and Africa seems most promising as the next pinnacle of the outsourcing phenomenon in the field of manufacturing or IT services.
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