Outsoucing Good Bad or Ugly?

Topics: Economics, Offshoring, Good and evil Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Outsourcing Good, Bad, Ugly or All of the Above
By Rana Weidman

There seems to be no correct stance on the case of whether or not Outsourcing is good or bad for America. It feels like no matter what we choose there will always be an opposition. I see many children overseas that are hungry. Offshoring jobs to their parents are the only chance they may have for a decent life. On the other hand we are losing jobs and creating an unstable economy. I have read many different sources and I am still torn. I feel passionate about the pros and cons of American jobs being sent offshore to other countries.

On one hand I think it’s terrible. I mean why are we in charge of providing all of these countries with jobs so that they have a basis for a strong economic future. Meanwhile we sit here so many of us without work without a means to take care of ourselves and our families. Just so Joe Corporation can save a buck.

This seems simple until I look at it from the good side. My morality and ethics were suddenly questioned. I love others and feel for them and their families I want to help them get jobs and find a way to provide and have food and a sense of purpose. I realize we should teach our children to give to share and to help others. To always feel that one door closes another will open, and use all of our resources. I feel so fortunate to live in America. We should all work harder every day to put forth 100%.

That being said there are many who say outsourcing is good, and many who say business climate. To deny that we live in a Global Economy is simply delusional.”Excellasys
Some would say Free trade is always best. The comparative advantage is always best left up to the people to decide who has the best product or source and the Government should stay out of it. If we stopped outsourcing then they could stop purchases of American made goods resulting in the loss of more jobs. Levy

“If a society attempts to shut down economic...
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