Outsiders Essay

Topics: Thought, Death, The Outsiders Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The Outsiders Essay
(1)Imagine being just a young teenager who has lost almost everything and is put through pain everyday. (2)When you are that young, like Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders, you’re most likely naïve when it comes to pain. Many teenagers think once they are in agony, their life is over. However, even though he lost so many loved ones, like his parents, he stayed positive and met the most remarkable people who brightened up his life; the Greasers. (3)In this novel, it shows how even if you think you are alone; it gets better no matter what. (1)In the beginning of the story, (2) Ponyboy is attacked by the Socs after walking out of the movie theater. The Socs held Ponyboy down on the ground and threatened to cut him. As they took their knife out, the Greasers came and scared the Socs away with their indignation. (3) This shows that even though the Greasers risked themselves by protecting Ponyboy, they still did it because they know that they cannot just leave him alone. (1)At one point in the story, (2) Ponyboy’s brother, Darry, hits him for coming home late. Darry obviously did not mean to do that and was only taking responsibility, but Ponyboy confused it with hatred. After that, Ponyboy decided to run away with Johnny. When they ran away, they ended up killing a Soc and hid in a church with the help of Dally. They left for a while and came back only to see the church rupture into flames. Schoolchildren were playing around and ended up stuck inside the building. Not even thinking about the situation, Ponyboy and Johnny risked their lives to save them and they barely got out unscathed. When Ponyboy got to the hospital, he found Sodapop and Darry crying at the sight of him being alive. (3) This opened Ponyboy’s eyes about Darry’s feelings towards him. Ponyboy always thought that he was just a nuisance towards Darry. He would have never thought that Darry actually loved and cared about him. This really shows that it does get...
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