Outsiders Essay

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Outsiders Essay

In the novel the Outsiders Ponyboy Curtis goes through several changes as the book goes on. He changes both mentally and physically, but his relationships with both friends and family change as well.

Firstly, Ponyboy is a daydreamer; he always gets lost in thoughts or drifts off fantasising about things he read in books. His older brother Sodapop claims his imagination is too overactive because he reads too many books. Also on the first page of the book it says “I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home”. Right there it shows that Ponyboy wasn’t thinking about being careful; he didn’t worry about Socs – the rich group of kids from the West side that picked on greasers – jumping him, or getting lost, and that is what got poor Ponyboy in a heap of trouble. He also admits he does not use his head at times, Ponyboy is the narrator and although he doesn’t say this he thinks it on page 4 of the novel: “but sometimes I just don't use my head.” As he starts walking home, minding his own business he gets jumped by a group of Socs – short for Socials – they threaten to slit his throat and curse at him until a bunch of Ponyboy’s greaser friends came and chased them away. After the event Ponyboy and his buddies are just sitting in a vacant lot relaxing, this is when one of the boys named Steve asks him why he was alone to which Ponyboy replies “I was comin’ home from the movies, I didn’t think...” and Darry – Ponyboy’s eldest brother cuts in claiming – “You never think”. Im guessing this made Ponyboy feel awfully stupid about himself at that time, but this is because Darry has grown up too fast and has too many responsibilities, that’s why he comes down on Ponyboy so hard, because he wants better for his little brother. Ever since the trio’s parents died in a car crash Darry has become hard as stone and mean. But, as the book nears a close Darry and Ponyboy finally come to an understanding. This is because Sodapop finally breaks...
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