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Topics: Learning, Skill, Education Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: October 13, 2010
The most important things in life inside the classroom >< the most important lessons of life outside the classroom. Which opinion do you agree with. 340 During lifetime, people learn to widen their knowledge and improve themselves. They can learn either from classes in universities that they go to or from practical situations that are from life outside. In my point of view, I do believe that the most important lessons come from real life. First of all, communicating with the big world outside the classroom, people can learn various things. Obviously, people spend a few years studying in university but they spent whole life studying from real world. It is many kind of other people they contact, places they go or works they do that lay the foundation for profound experience they can get. It is said that travelling forms a young man and that is why universities encourage their students to take part in social activates. Because being aware of studding in class, knowledge that students absurd is limited in books and in what their teachers explain, universities would like their students to fall in line with social to learn lessons that classes can not transfer. Besides, things people learn from real life is practical. The world changes everyday. To catch up with the social, people have to change too. Frankly speaking, lessons in classroom are often backward because it takes a lot of time to renew test books or alter information into up-to-date one. On the contrary, in real life, people can update information by themselves and there is no worry of being old-fashioned. In addition, teachers can not teach their students skills that are necessary such as communication skill, negotiation skill … Life outside the classroom is exactly the place where students can learn these skills and practice them. To conclude, people can’t deny the important role of lessons from classes. In class, students can learn basic knowledge but in my opinion, to adapt with modern world,...
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