Topics: United States, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Sara and the Boyz
Sara Labriny, Justin Kerr, Justin Good, Chris James, Nick Disciullo, Chris Dehoff

Has Affirmative Action outlived its usefulness in the workplace? Yes.
It should never come down to a persons race when making a decision. Acceptance should be based on your resume not your race.
Martin Luther King Speech where he states that skin color shouldn’t play a role in society in securing economic and social opportunities. (Grutter v Bollinger)
New Haven reinstated the examination results and promoted 14 of the 20 firefighters within months of the decision. The city settled the lawsuit by paying $2 million to the firefighter plaintiffs; enhancing their pension benefits by millions of dollars; and paying their attorney, Karen Lee Torre, $3 million in fees and costs.[43]

The principle of Equality
States everyone is equal no matter what certain ethnicity you are. Gives the example that all men are created equal
We must all be equal and shouldn’t come down to your race. “No matter how great the quantitative differences of ability, strength, position, wealth, such differences are negligible in comparison wih something else.” States that it is wrong to give special advantages to any group simply due to the basis of their physical characteristics, in this case, race.

Examples: slavery and the slaughter of the jews. This reminds us of the fact that racial categories shouldn’t be allowed. “Violates the principle of human equality”

Race preference is not justified as compensation

Using race to award benefits now does injustice in precisely the way injustice was done originally, by giving moral weight to skin color in itself. Use of racial classifications is no less unfair when directed at whites now than it was when directed at blacks then. We compound injustice with injustice with injustice, further embedding racial embedding racial categories in public policy and law. Race preference gives rewards to some persons who deserve no...
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