Output and Graphic Tablets

Topics: Output, Computer graphics, Input/output Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Speech Recognition

* Speech recognition is a form of audio input where the computer transforms the audio signals into commands or text * Advantages
* Fast input of data
* Enables data input for disabled people
* Disadvantages
* Nowadays the error rate is still high, compared with a keyboard or a mouse * Requires a lot of training to work properly
Graphic Tablets

* Graphic Tables are a form of Input device that can be used to carefully draw or sketch images. * Graphic tablets use pens instead of mice is used to sketch anything onto the Graphic Tablet which then projects the lines on the screen. * Advantages

* In a graphics program graphic tablets are more efficient * Graphic tablets offer accuracy which one might not have with a mouse otherwise. * Disadvantages
* They are comparably expensive


* A plotter is a output device which can be used for special technical drawings and or vector graphics. * Other then the printer there is a actual pen going over the paper and sketching with machine like perfection of the data onto the paper. * Advantages

* High precision and accuracy, also in terms of exact relationships in size and shapes which is very important with technical drawings * Are capable to draw on papers larger than A2
* Disadvantages
* Slower than normal Printers
* More expensive and complex
* Outputs sound close up to the user's ear
* Advantages
* Does not disturb anyone else
* Disadvantages
* It is limited to stereo

* Robots can be both an input an an output form of information to the computer. * Depending on what they are designed for they either take information from the computer to do something, or they can gather information using sensors and cameras to feed to the computer. * Advantages

* Depending on what they are built to do they often do the job better...
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