Outlining an Essay

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  • Published : September 22, 2012
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Outlining an Essay:
Compare and contrast the early English settlements in Virginia with those of the Spanish in other parts of the New World. Address the following points: The characteristics of the settlers
the colonists' relationship with, and the characteristics of, local Native American tribes. The characteristics of the colonies' economies.

Thesis Statement: The similarities and differences between the early English settlements in Virginia with those of the Spanish in other parts of the New World are both suffered from famine and poor nutrition, both ended moving to a new place, and the the English settlement actually prospered and lasted till present day USA.

Body Paragraph #1, Topic Sentence: To begin, the English and Spanish both suffered from famine and poor nutrition because they knew nothing about the area and were clueless to what they actually had. A. Expected to find gold, friendly Indians, and easy living. Instead the found disease, drought, starvation, distention, and death. B. They had no idea how to fish or hunt. Most were townsmen, unfamiliar with farming, or “gentlemen”, adventurers who despised manual labor. C. The supplies were not good enough. No gold or silver. Needed to rely on resources.

Body Paragraph #2, Topic Sentence: Next, both settlements ended up migrating to a better and more efficient place because they ran out of resources and food. A. English moved from Jamestown to Richmond.

B. Spanish moved back to Spain.
C. Both succeeded when moved to a different place. Both prospered.

Body Paragraph #3, Topic Sentence: Finally, only one of the settlements lasted. The English settlement ended up being main cities in today’s modern USA. A. Richmond Virginia, modern city, and is important to the development of the colony of Virginia, the United States Revolutionary War, and the Civil War. After Reconstruction, Richmond's location at the falls of the James River helped it develop a diversified economy and become a land...
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