Outline the Popularity of Fast Food

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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The Popularity of Fast Food

Background: In 21 Century everybody is too busy and every time in rush. Generally, you cannot see anybody just sitting in a cafe and having rest and talking with friends but you can see people eating ghastly and not talking to anybody. This busyness leads to born of fast food style and fast food restaurants. These kinds of restaurants are very popular and widespread all over the world. Thesis statement : there are many reasons why the popularity of this type of restaurant is increasing such as it prove to fit comfortably in our active and modern day lives, low cost and media affect.

First topic sentence: The first reason for the popularity of fast food is it proves to fit comfortably in our active and modern day lives. Supports:
1. Many of us are constantly busy with our daily responsibilities and we are continuously on the go. 2. It is hard to find time to cook a meal, therefore fast food and foods cooked in microwave oven emerge as a solution for those people. 3. Moreover, we can pretty much find a fast food restaurant at every corner of a street, and most of these establishments usually include a drive through.

Second topic sentence: the second cause of the popularity is the low cost. Supports:
1. This is fitting for people who do not wish to spend much money and even a child, it would seem, could afford their own meal at such low prices. 2. Only three dollars can buy a whole meal! When people go on break from work and do not have much time to sit and eat a good meal it is a lot more cheaply and convenient to shop and get something fast and cheap. 3. When we can find and easy, filling, convenient and inexpensive meat at every corner, fast food seems like the logical choice to cut out the stress in today’s money world.

Third topic sentence: Finally yet importantly, influence of media as an advertisement. Supports:
1. Fast food restaurant spend large amount of money...
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