Outline the Personnel or Human Resource Management Tasks and Activities That Are Conducted in This Organization.

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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Using the pre-course readings as a guide and refer to an organization you are familiar with, outline the personnel or human resource management tasks and activities that are conducted in this organization. State your experience and explain your understanding about the importance of these activities. Refer to the position of Human Resources Officer in OSRAM. OSRAM is part of the Industry Sector of Siemens and one of the two leading lighting manufacturers in the world. The Key Responsibilities in this organization are: Execute day-to-day HR functions covering recruiting, training and development, compensation & benefits and employee relations. Provide support to corporate HR programs, initiatives and activities to be implemented. It is basically the policies and practices that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes and performance within an organization. The responsibilities of HRM are generally involved in planning for recruiting, developing, rewarding, employee compensation, defining work and maximizing the potential of human resources in an organization. It is important to HRM to have this kind of tasks. Recruiting is the hiring of right personnel with satisfactory skills at the required time. In other words, hiring an employee who is not committed or qualified may affect the reputation of an organization. The goal of human resources management is to ensure that competent people are hired and placed in job assignments that match their unique qualifications. In the case of employee training and development, the employees are imparted proper training and knowledge, which help them to perform their task well and efficiently.

And the benefits to an organization are including: increased productivity and reduced employee turnover. When employee’s competencies improve, the organization gains an increase in corporate competitiveness and in return an increase in profitability. So, it is important for HRM to provide training for their employees. Covered in the...
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