Outline the Main Factors of Current Health and Safety Legislation as Applied in Health and Social Care.

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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P2: Outline the main factors of current health and safety legislation as applied in health and social care. This leaflet will contain information for a booklet covering the main features of at least 3 current health and safety legislations as applied in a health and social care setting. Legislation is another word for written law, which may also be known as act of parliament or regulations. As stated by Stretch B and Whitehouse M (2007) pg. 17 legislation is also the law that parliament makes which reflects the statutory right of organisations, groups and individuals. However, Legislation also ensures that everyone is clear about their rights and responsibilities within the care environment according to Stretch B and Whitehouse M (2007) pg. 17. Legislation is a written law also known as statuses, Acts of parliament and regulations (e.g. the health and safety at work Act 1974) stated by Walsh, M. Health and safety at work Act: 1974

Health and safety at work Act (HASAW) 1974 are lays down wide-ranging duties for employers to protect the health, safety and welfare of all their employees as far as reasonably practicable to their main principles. This is a main piece of health and safety law in the UK. And affects everyone present in a hospital, but concentrates mainly on employers and employees. This applied in a Hospital to meet the legal responsibilities of the care organisation to ensure that care setting have safety features, like smoke alarms, fire exits. Reporting health and safety hazards or failure of safety systems or procedures to a supervisor or manager as cited in Walsh. M. (2010) pg.89.

Under this Act, care practitioners share responsibilities for health and safety in a hospital with the care organisation that employs them to meet their legal responsibilities, and care organisations such as: Carrying out health and safety risk assessments Developing health and safety procedures such as fire procedures Providing a range of health and safety...
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