Outline the Current Legislation and Organisational Requirements That Governs(a) Reporting, Recording and Confidentiality(B)Health and Safety(C)Risk Management(D)Recording/Reporting Compliments and Complaints(E) Dealing

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Outline the current legislation and organisational requirements that governs(a) reporting, recording and confidentiality(b)health and safety(c)risk management(d)recording/reporting compliments and complaints(e) dealing with suspicions of disclosure of danger, harm and abuse. (ref.HSC22 q4. HSC21 q 4,5.

Reporting, recording and confidentiality - The Data Protection Act 1998 relates to information held about an individual. This includes medical records or social services files – anything which is personal data (facts and opinions about an individual). All information, however it is stored, is subject to the rules laid down in the Act. Anyone processing personal data must comply with the eight principles of good practice.

The Data must be:

1.Fairly and lawfully processed
2.Used for limited purposes
3.Not excessive but adequate and relevant
4.Not kept for longer than necessary
6.Kept secure
7.processed taking into account the individuals rights
8.Not transferred to another country that cannot maintain the confidentiality of the information.

Individuals are entitled to see information about themselves, but they cannot see any part of their record which relates to someone else. Individuals are entitled to be told if any personal information is held about them.

Health and safety - The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is the UK government body responsible for enforcing health and safety at work legislation. The HSE also plays a major role in producing advice on health and safety issues, and guidance on relevant legislation. The role of enforcement is split between HSE and local authorities depending on the business sector.

In addition, HSE conducts research into the effectiveness of regulations and other health and safety issues, consults with employers and employees representatives, and advises legislators and government on health and safety.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Often referred to as HASAW or HSW,...
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