Outline Structure for Business Strategy

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Table of Contents
I. Quality Management in business and customers context.4
I.1 Quality definition and measurement4
I.1.a Business Quality Definition:4
I.1.b How business measures the Quality5
I.1.c Customer Quality Definition7
I.1.d How customers measure the quality8
I.1.e The difference between business and customer8
I.2 Measure Managing Quality9
II. Four Quality Management Schemes10
II.1 The rationale underpinning four quality schemes10
II.2 Four Quality Management Schemes Comparison11
II.3 The importance of communication and keeping records13


Quality is very important in business because it brings more profit for the company. Therefore, they need to manage the quality to be successful. Quality is defined and measured differently from the view of business and customers. The business not only manages quality but also measures how improved the quality management is to ensure the continuous improvement. There are some quality management schemes that businesses can apply depends on environment, the nature and structure of organizations.

I. Quality Management in business and customers context.
I.1 Quality definition and measurement
I.1.a Business Quality Definition:
According to Stephen Uselac “Quality is not only products and services but also includes Process, Environment, and People” (Goetsch & B.Davis, 1997)which meets and exceeds customers’ satisfaction Products are free and open sources. Firefox is a security, fast speed and new web browser Thunderbird is a security, fast speed and new email application. Process: Some main processes in the Mozilla operation such as: in planning, doing, checking, and feedback.

Open Innovation Process (Yang, 2011)
Mozilla identifies the inputs are the tech people who are into journalism and the output is desirable with the project is done and setting up the high quality fellows. After calling for about 400 ideas and the online course, the final phase is hackfest face to face which shows the commitment and the real ability of participant. Focusing on the process of Mozilla executive director Mark Surman said, "(The challenge) is a very long process, so those who complete the three steps will be high-quality people ...” (Yang, 2011) Environment: It provides the open environment as much as possible so that all the customers can access, not only where products are provided to customers but also where the products are developed. Mozilla provide for Web developer with experiments and supporting tools. People: According to the scenario, it lacks of human resource (leader of team). Ludovic Hirliman is the only QA manager of Thunderbird project. Mozilla should get more experts involved in this project. Besides over 600 employees, Mozilla has many volunteers and partners to develop the applications. All are treated openly. It shows in the office space, tour given. Mozilla project is leaded by Netscape. Netscape overruled the developers’ job which results in 2 more years to spread. People are in Mozilla have low sense of urgency which decrease the effective competence. For example, CEO Gary Kovacs, he is too minute to make the decision by waiting others agreeing with the decision. (Green, 2011). He should be more decisive and fast enough in such a technology modern century but also ensures the empowerment. Mozilla has many smart and helpful employees who passing strict hiring processes. Moreover, Mozilla has the talent of many volunteers by appealing in helping users, quality assurance, spreading the world, coding. I.1.b How business measures the Quality

Quality relates to both...
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