Outline Pit Bull Paper

Topics: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pit Bull, American Pit Bull Terrier Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Outline Pit Bull Paper
1. Introduction
A.Gain Reader Attention and Interest
B.Establish Common Ground
C.Demonstrate Fairness

2. Background of breed (trainer book)
A.How they where breed
B.Characteristics of dog good and bad

3. Media’s Influence Over public’s perception of the breed as well as irresponsible owners contribution to this perception (Pit Bull panic – article) A.Identify Goals
B. Identify Appeals
C.Identify Fallacies

4. Myths about the breed (Bullie Buddies of Las Vegas Org website or training book) A.Pit Bulls are mean and vicious
B.Pit Bull has lock jaw when they bite
C.Pit Bull Brain Swells
D.During a 20 year study only 28% of all deaths caused by dogs where from Pit Bull Terriers. (Which dog breed is more likely to kill)

5. How we can fix this problem.
A.Educate children at a young age during elementary school how to treat dogs B.Create regulations on breeders, buyers, and owners of dogs. C.Use media outlets to create a positive image for these dogs. D.Who might help? ASPCA, Human Society, and responsible Pit Bull owners.

6.What objections and restrictions might there be?
A.Irresponsible owners – the people that want to breed for all the wrong reasons. B.Getting the regulations to be enforced
C.Finding media sources that will play the positive information D.Getting the education started in the school with huge budget cuts.

7. Conclusion
A.Summarize The Argument
B.Emphasize Information That Supports Your Analysis
C. Clarify What You Want The Reader to Think or Do
D.Reinforce Your Credibility
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