Outline on Speech on Fire Breathing

Topics: Wind, Oxygen, Fire breathing Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: May 29, 2012
* Introduction:
Some of you may say it is dangerous others may say it is crazy. Well, it can be both but after all it is fun to observer or the performer. Most of you are still wondering what I am talking about. I’m talking about fire breathing. According to the samples I passed over some of you, only 20% have guessed what I am talking about It is something that I play a role in therefor, today we will discuss the maximum safety we can achieve in fire breathing, training, knowledge needed, side effects and the word records held by the fire breathers. * General purpose:

I would like to inform the audience about fire breathing.
* Specific purpose:
At the end of my speech the audience will be able to notice that fire breathing requires a specific knowledge and training, and even when danger is around, there is a maximum safety to acquire. * Central idea:

With safety on the line, it is important not to neglect the specific required training. * Preview:
Today we will discuss the maximum safety we can achieve, training, knowledge, side effects and the word records in fire breathing. * Body outline:
1-Achieving safety

A- Training
The vast majority of professional fire-breathers are apprenticed by a seasoned professional and it is strongly recommended that teaching oneself is avoided due to the extreme risks. Most people who are taught fire breathing and eating skills are seasoned performers in their own right and are taught under the condition that the skills are not passed on until they become a recognized fire performer in their own right. Virtually all recorded incidents of serious injury by fire breathing involve untrained individuals, often while under the influence of alcohol. Using an incorrect fuel is usually a strong contributing factor.

B- General safety
1. Safety
Performing with fire has many inherent risks. Having an actively spotting trained safety assistant with an appropriate fire blanket and fire extinguisher is...
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