Outline of the Tea Party Platform

Topics: United States, Tax, Government Pages: 2 (270 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Tea Party Platform
1. Eliminate Extensive Taxes
▪ Believe that heavy taxes are a burden for those who apply their personal liberty to work hard ▪ Need for government to protect the freedom of citizens with interference of the government that has exceeded its necessary size or scope. 2. Eliminate National Debt

▪ there is a need to have fiscal conservative policies at all levels of government ▪ narrow down the national debt for the good of the average American 3. Protect Free Markets

▪ Allow free markets to prosper without the infringement of the national government ▪ Belief that free markets should be protected and are the backbone of the U.S 4. Abide By the Constitution of The United States

▪ Belief that the U.S Constitution is the supreme law and should be held as so ▪ Constitution but be upheld in all areas, levels and branches of government 5. Promote Civic Responsibility

▪ Citizen involvement should be upheld
▪ Belief that citizen inolment directs the behaviors of the representatives both on a local and national level 6. Reduce the Overall Size Of Government
▪ Belief that a “bloated” or overcrowded bureaucracy leads to uneconomical spending ▪ Reducing the size of governement will than in turn help eliminate inefficiencies that result in deficit spending 7. Believe In The People

▪ Guaranteed freedoms for the American people will cause then to thrive and grow in a democratic, capitalist enviroment which allows individuals to achieve and go after achievements 8. Maintain Local Independance

▪ The strength of the Tea Party movement is the ability of citizens at the local level to establish their own platforms ▪ Belief that each citizen’s voice should be heard
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