Outline of Marijuanna

Topics: Decriminalization, Law, Legalization Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Outline for Persuasive Paper
I. Thesis: Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial issue in society today. a. Preview statement: Legalizing marijuana has been successful in other countries and once our government understands and believes in the use of marijuana it will destroy the black market in the US. II. There are many pros of legalizing the use of marijuana. b. Health

i. Marijuana is one of the most beneficial and therapeutically active substances known to man. ii. "Medical Marijuana for pain and Depression." Disabled World . Disabled-World.Com, 1 1 2008. Web. 26 Feb 2013. <http://www.disabled-world.com/medical/pharmaceutical/marijuana/>. c. Economy

iii. If pot was to be legalized the US could be savings up to $2 billion to $10 billion of tax payer money on law enforcement. “If drugs like marijuana became decriminalized, the prison industry would lose a large chunk of its business.” iv. Benson, Johnathan. "Hundreds of Economists Agree Marijuana Legalization Could Save U.S Taxpayers $13.7 Billion Per Year." Nation of Change. NationofChange.com, 22 4 2012. Web. 26 Feb 2013. <http://www.nationofchange.org/hundreds-economists-agree-marijuana-legalization-could-save-us-taxpayers-137-billion-year-1335161573>. III. Many people can come up with cons of legalizing marijuana. d. Stepping Stones

v. Keeping marijuana illegal makes it that much more difficult for someone to get addicted to it and be tempted to try out other, stronger drugs. vi. Gupta, Sourabh. "Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana." Buzzle. Buzzle.com, 10 2 2013. Web. 27 Feb 2013. <http://www.buzzle.com/articles/pros-and-cons-of-legalizing-marijuana.html>. e. Increase in Consumption

vii. one of the greatest worries that comes with the legalization of marijuana is the possibility that the consumption of the drug will increase drastically viii. Gupta, Sourabh....
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