Outline of Internship Report

Topics: Intern, Internship, Employment Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: September 13, 2011

1. Title Page

2. Acknowledgements

3. List of Contents

4. List of tables & illustrations, if any

5. Introduction

6. Overview of the organization
7.1 Brief history
7.2 Nature of the organization
7.3 Business volume
7.4 Number of employees
7.5 Product lines

7. Organizational structure
8.6 Main offices
8.7 Organizational structure

8. Critical analysis of the theoretical concepts relating to practical experiences i.e. relate the theoretical concepts with your practical experience during your Internship 9.8 Financial analysis (ratio analysis, horizontal & vertical analysis of the organization for the last three years) 9.9 Comparison of financial analysis with key competitors* 9.10 Marketing strategy

9.11 Major competitors of the organization
9.12 Success and failure of different products of the organization in the market along with reasons 9.13 Major HR Policies and practices
9.14 Future prospects of the organization

9. Overview of the Department(s) Where You Served Internship 10.15 Number of employees working in the Department
10.16 Functions and operations
10.17 Short-falls/weaknesses
10.18 Critical analysis of the management patterns, weak areas that need to be improved.

10. Responsibilities as a student Intern
11.19 Duties
11.20 Accomplishments
11.21 New Knowledge Acquired
11.22 Problems encountered
11.23 How internship experience impacts you career.

11. Conclusions & recommendations for improvement

12. References & Sources used

13. Annexes

* The requirement of financial analysis (points 8.1 and 8.2) is subject to the availability of financial data. The students must, however, be fully aware of how to perform financial analysis and how to interpret its results at the time of appearing in the viva.
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